January 31, 2011

Drought, rain, fog and thunderstorms

"La Nina" is causing drought in Mauritius.
There's not only "La Nina" to blame. The blame is also put on the CWA's (Central Water Authority) management; how to defend some large water supply ducts are 50 years old, the leakage is said to be more than 50% and not much has been done over the years to improve the situatian?! 

After a very long, dry period, the rain is finally here, but will it be enough to fill up the reservoirs sufficient?!

We have had quite a lot of rain over the last week, which should increase the waterlevel in the reservoirs. Due to a very dry end of 2010 (mean rainfall December 15%) and only 31% of rainfall the two first weeks of January, the water situation is critical. Most of the reservoirs are as low as 31.4% of its capacity - statistic approx one week ago.
There are watercuts several places on the island, where water is distributed once daily. The Government's "Drought Period Regulation 2011" states no waste of water e.g. not to wash your car, pavement, building or any part of building, water any hedge or lawn, not use hosepipe, sprinkler or any similar apparatus etc. For those who break the law - and are caught - faces imprisonment for 1-2 years and a fine between 50000 (US$1665) to 200000 rupees (US$6665).  As far as I know, at least two men are arrested for wasting water. Water has also been wasted by watering the streets during the festival of Cavadee a couple of weeks ago. You can read more about watering the streets here.

Heavy downpours Saturday. DH was supposed going to the fruit- and vegetable market, but each time he opened the door to get out, the rain increased! In the end he had to wait a couple of hours before it was possible to get out! (No, we don't have a car!) 

Heavy rain and fog patches.

In between the downpours; Corps de Garde (719m) covered in clouds.

Seldom we see fog patches almost at the rooftop of the Tamil temple at Corps de Garde.

Due to the downpours over the last week, the percentage of waterlevel in the largest reservoir - Mare aux Vacoas - has increased from 35.9% to 37% (latest news), but still; quite alarming. 


sadie said...

Astrid - your photographs are spectacular, and my God, what a beautiful island you live on! Please, please, if you have time, share some recipes with me as I'm cooking there in a few weeks: sarah.commerford@verizon.net

So glad we've connected!

Notjustnat said...

Great photos you took with your new camera. I have been enjoying looking through all the posts. Will add this blog on my blog list too. Hugs Nat