January 4, 2011

Wintry Norway 2010 - part 2

I believe I have become overexcited about this blog.... 
I decided to post "part 2" of my visit to Norway, but first I wanted to make a cup of coffee. Well, the water was boiled, the coffee added... Then I was "just going to do"... and the next thing I remember is I'm sitting here choosing which photos to add to the blog! The coffee was forgotten! Fortunate I remembered it in time so it hadn't had time to go too cold! :))

I have always loved the time before Christmas; the atmosphere when shops are decorated, Christmas carols, all kind of Christmas items displayed in the shops etc. Add to this; a perfect Norwegian Christmas is when there's snow! :) 

These photos are taken a couple of days after I bought the camera; not very familiar with it at that time.

Christmas tree decorated in a shopping centre. 

Santa wishes "welcome". 

Love the candlelight holders! 

Yummy stuff to buy.

Delicate white Christmas tree with red decorations.

Candlelight holders and candle lights.

The bookstore; Christmas & New Year's cards displayed.

Window shopping.

Yummy colors of knitting yarn displayed outside the craft (yarn) shop.

A woman selling Norwegian doughnuts for Christmas.

I made two new friends in Norway;
here's Mons - a "de-balled" male. 
Such a beauty, isn't he?!

And here is "Frøya" - a female Dachs. 
Never seen a dog as propel / excited as she was when we came to visit. Usually dogs bark when somebody knock the door, but "Frøya" was crying in joy/excitement! Such crazy dog! :) 

Correction: Her name is FREIA - not Frøya. 

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karenfae said...

I barely went in any shopping centers this year for Christmas shopping - I did it almost all on line - I kind of missed not seeing the decorations.