January 3, 2011

Wintry Norway 2010

I'm launching my photo blog today with photos from wintry Norway. The photos were taken during my 3-weeks stay there in November/December 2010. 
I bought a new digital reflex camera in Norway, and I loved playing around taking photos in the snow!
The temperature varied between -8C to -15C (17F to 5F). I love taking photos, but this was a bit too cold even for me! :) 

Winter sky on a cold November afternoon.

Snowing heavily...

... for so to clear the sky...

... and make it into a winter wonderland!

Nature covered in snow.

If I'm not mistaken, this is rosebay willowherb in winter. Click here to see how it looks in the summer. 

Stunning blue winter sky and trees covered in snow.

Yes, Norwegians do go by bicycle even in winter! 

Benches covered in snow.

A cute coffee bar/shop where you can buy hot coffee & hot chocolate. 
Do you notice the table and the chairs? The ashtray? Smokers!
Smokers are not allowed to smoke in public places! That's why tables, chairs and ashtrays are outside coffee bars, shops etc.

Cigarette ends in the ashtrays before noon on such a cold day! 

Askim railway station, built in 1882.

Train to Oslo - 53km away.

People going from Askim to Oslo. The train ride takes approx 1 hour.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some photos from Norway. 


Notjustnat said...

Hi Adtrid, great photography blog. Love seeing your photos from Norway. I really think it's a good idea of have a photo blog. I get to love photography more and more since started blogging. Thanks for sharing your great photos - Hugs Nat

karenfae said...

I love the photos - this makes me think maybe when we go on our next trip I should start a photo blog too and save my other one more for quilting!
I am looking forward to seeing more great photos from you ;)

Huisvlyt said...

What a great blog-idea!!! I love it already. Do I see a new hobby in the making?
Such wonderful photos taken. And it does look very cold!
Will be following thing blog just as closely as I follow the Grandma's Red Needle.
Hugs Elzaan

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Astrid! And yes, it does look cold there. Great idea creating a photograpy blog.
Joan at The Creative Needle Group.