February 28, 2011

Clouds at dawn

Have you ever noticed how fascinating and amazing clouds can be? Do you ever look up into the sky to admire the clouds, or are you too busy for that?
Clouds are so inconstant, and there is never clouds that look the same - they are all different.

It took me some years to discover the beauty of clouds. It must have been something latent in me; after reading Donald Duck & Co from the year I learnt to read. :))
I remember Chip'n Dale - the two squirrels - once were looking at the clouds, because they didn't want to be outside when the rain set in. Dark clouds appeared while they were watching, and suddenly they noticed a huge cloud that looked like a watering pot - and guess what - it poured out litres of water so the poor squirrels had to run hiding in a tree! :)
Perhaps it was this cartoon I remember so very well when thinking of and watching the clouds?!
I have taken some shots at dawn, which I'm going to share with you today.
(You can click on the photos to enlarge them).

Cloud's reflection on the sea - you can see the horizontal line separating the ocean from the sky, can't you?
Montagne Corps de Garde (720m / 2362 Feet).

Morning glory over town.

Isn't it amazing how clouds change within a few minutes....
These three views are facing Northwest.

The next three views are facing Southwest.
Fascinating how the clouds and color change from one direction to another..

Morning glory to the west; facing Montagne du Rempart (777m / 2549 feet) and Trois Mamelles (632m / 2073 feet).

Montagne du Rempart.

Tree's silouette to the Southwest.

All photos taken February 26, 2011 - at dawn.

I've been busy sewing too, take a look here.


karenfae said...

I love looking at the clouds too, sunset makes for such good photo's I'm not usually up early enough for sunrise though.

sadie said...

Manifique! Your photographs are lovely. I agree, so often we forget to take the time to look up. Great work!