February 13, 2011

Garden of wilderness

As I mentioned in this post, our garden has been neglected - sort of . It hasn't been any need to do much, due to lack of rain. The last days we've got a lot of rain from cyclone "Bingiza", but fortunate no strong wind. As you can see of the satellite imagery it is moving away from Mauritius, to the poor people of Northern Madagascar, with a status as ITS - Intense Tropical Cyclone - wind speed between 234 to 299 km/h (145 to 185 miles/h) - category 4.  
 Today - Sunday - has been such a wonderful day; sunny and not too hot working in the shade. For quite some time we have talked about trimming the two oleanders in front of the house, but that was not in the plans today. Well, actually none of us like to make plans for the next day, we prefer deciding on the spot what to do and that is what we did today.

A few days ago one of our plants gave several of these beauties.
I can't remember what the plant is called. We got a cutting from a guy who knows quite a lot about plants etc, and what I remember he said this is not a cactus nor succulent... Anyway, the flowers are gorgeous - one of those "queen of the night" flowers.

The front garden. Here we have already cut down one of the two oleanders. You can see the other one to the left. It really looks like a wilderness, doesn't it?!

A couple of years ago we bought a shredder, which I love using. I think it is such a waste throwing branches when they can be shredded and reused in the garden! After shredding almost all the oleanders branches, the heap became twice the size of what is seen here.

DH cutting branches suitable for the shredder.

My beloved avocado tree! I loooove avocados, but seems like I'll have to wait another couple of years or even more for avocados from our garden! Poor tree, it blew down in a cyclone a couple of years ago. We tried our best to straightened it up again, but we couldn't get it more than approx 45 degrees. We had to add a support to the trunk to hold it, but it was never a good idea. Strong gusts, and the tree had gone down again, so we decided to cut it down! Most probably it'll give new branches quite soon and hopefully it will grow straight this time! We have two other avocado trees on the plot, but they are younger, don't know when they will give fruits.

The tristellateia is in full bloom these days. It has decided to overtake the porch too!

Even if it was a hot day - but not too hot in the shade - I enjoyed the day to the fullest! I love gardening, even if it is hard work at times, the muscles are sore and my back pains! It's such wonderful exercise too! :)

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karenfae said...

yes sometimes plants grow so fast in the hot, humid areas. Our summers can be very hot and humid not so tropical though as you have of course - so much to the point that I only garden first thing in the morning as I just wilt in the afternoon. Sometimes though the humidity isn't as bad as other years. You have a lot of pretty plants and trees.