February 24, 2011

Norwegian School Bread

First of all I want to thank Sarah for all the credit she gave me in her latest blog post! Thank you so very much, Sarah! It's my pleasure!
Sarah runs "What's cooking in your World" - where she's making a dish from all the world's countries. Very interesting, and there's many yummy recipes - head over and have a look!
I made Sarah's dish from Mali the other day; heavenly!!!
Well, now over to something Norwegian!

Shame on me! Being a Norwegian, this is the first time ever I'm making Norwegian School Breads! Ever since I was in Norway last year, I've been craving for school breads. They are very easy to make - even it takes some time for the dough to rise.

This is all you need; flour, sugar, shredded coconut, custard powder, milk, butter, yeast, cardamom and cinnamon. Cardamom is missing on the photo, because I took the photo after I made the dough. Cinnamon is optional. I love cinnamon and like to add it to pastry.

Make the custard according to the instructions, or even ready made custard can be used. Let it cool and thicken.

 Make the dough; add the liquid to the flour.

After the dough and thereafter the buns have risen,  press down the center of each bun to form a well, add custard.

Add shredded coconut after the buns are baked and cooled a bit.
To make them even sweeter, add the glaze (which I didn't do).
Click for the recipe here.

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sadie said...

Oh my goodness - I must have these NOW! If I swam really quickly, perhaps I could be to your beautiful island in time to have some of these. I'm printing the recipe as I write.
Brava!!! And thanks for the honorable mention :)