February 6, 2011

Plain or Stuffed Croissants / Fruit Jelly dessert

Do you prefer croissant plain or stuffed with cream cheese?
I made both today! They are not the French croissants where the dough has a lot of butter - I bet you have tasted them? What I made today are more like small breads and are so yummy served with a hot soup or casserole.
I can't remember the last time I made croissants, but I do remember we made it at the school kitchen ages ago! I still have that recipe, I think it is from 1971/1972. GEE!!! Am I getting old?!!
Well, today I tried another recipe. The recipe is plain, so I added a few extra ingredients and changed the recipe a bit.
I'm not good at translating recipes, but I'll give it a try.

Melt butter, add water, oil and yeast (if you use fresh yeast - I used dry yeast and added it to the flour). If needed, heat it to +37C / 98.6F
Add salt, flour, poppy and linen seeds.
Mix and knead the dough well, put it in a bowl, cover with cling film or plastic and leave to rise for approx 30 minutes.

Knead the dough well and divide into two.
Roll each piece into a circle and divide into eight triangles. I have never in my entire life been able to draw one straight line, so I prefer to use a ruler! :)
I can't even roll a circle, but thanks to my dear friend Kari (no blog) who gave me this wonderful Tupperware rolling mat (or what it is called?), I managed to roll a circle after the template on the mat - almost a circle! Magic! Lol!

Add cream cheese to each triangle. I used Simonsberg herb cheese.

Start rolling from the wide side of the triangle.

Leave the croissants to rise for another 30 minutes, covered with plastic.

Heat oven to 210 C / 410F. Brush the croissants with egg and add poppy or sesame seeds.
Bake for approx 15 minutes.

Voila! Bon Appetit!

Here's the recipe I want to share with you:

50 grams yeast *
75 grams butter
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
4 deciliter water
1,5 teaspoons salt
5 deciliter brown flour
6 deciliter wheat flour
1 tablespoon linen seeds
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
125 grams cream cheese with herbs

1 egg
poppy seeds or sesame seeds
(Makes 16)

210C / 410F - 15 minutes

*) I used approx 12 grams dry yeast.
If you want to try the recipe, click here for a gram converter and here for a deciliter converter.

Fruit Jelly dessert


1 litre milk (or little bit more)
10 grams Agar Agar (gelatin?)
3 tbs sugar (less or more, depends on how sweet you want it)
grated fresh coconut*
cardamom pods*
fresh papaya cubes*

*) to taste. Any other fruits can be added too.

Soak Agar Agar in water for approx 10 minutes. Drain the Agar Agar and mix with boiling milk. Stir until dissolved. Add chosen ingredients/fruits, pour into a bowl or pie mould. Let it cool in room temperature and thereafter put it in the fridge - and don't forget to eat it! :)


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karenfae said...

looks very delicious!! We have more cold weather coming in the next couple days and more snow - I think I will be at home making bread and quilting all week!!