April 24, 2011

I can't cook all the time... images from our garden

I love taking my camera to our garden and shoot some photos, when I find something interesting. We don't have many trees, shrubs or perennials in bloom right now, but there are a few.
When we built up our garden, we got a few Canna from MIL's garden. We had them in one corner of the garden, but it seems they didn't feel well there, so we moved them alongside the wall to the neighbor, where they seem to be happier.

Canna x generalis - it originates from the tropical and subtropical regions of America, this plant has been introduced to many tropical countries.

Brunfelsia Uniflora - also called "Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow", because of its characterized two toned scented flowers. Originally from tropical America.

Odontonema Strictum  - "firespike".

Breynia disticha - Tropical snow bush. Originates from the New Hebrides.

Callistemom citrinus - Red bottle brush tree - native to Australia.
Here are the seeds. 

A couple of days ago we discovered this little fellow in our garden... As far as I have observed, these spiders are quite common here. We used to see a lot of them in our lower garden, but sadly they seem to have disappeared. I'm happy to see this one has decided to build its web close to our kitchen window. This one is still a youngster, when fully grown it will be twice the size. I have seen them huge, and they are huge!

I'm unable to find any info about them on the net, perhaps I don't have patience enough - haha! :)


Elzaan said...

We saw some of them in the South, at La Vanile. Scarry little critters.
Here are some links we got of them - but not very infomrative.




karenfae said...

I hate spiders - I don't care what kind they are!! LOL The one you call "firespike" is similar to one we call "fireweed" it grows a lot in the mountains.