May 14, 2011

Bean fritters

I should stop following Sadie's blog; 'What's Cooking in your World'! lol (Sadie, I'm kidding!) There are so many yummy recipes and what inspired me this time, is Cecena - a dish from Niger. The dish calls for black eyed peas, which I usually get at one of the supermarkets, but not this time... :( Since our 'hiking season' has started, I always look for some easy 'take away' food to make, put in the freezer and just defrost when we go for a hike.

I have used the recipe from Sadie's blog as 'base', skipped the green chili pepper and added other spices to it. 

It's easy to make; soak beans overnight. In the blender they go - to a smooth paste.

Add finely chopped onions...

... garlic and  ginger...
(don't forget the egg!) :)

... to a paste.

In addition to these ingredients, I added

- black pepper
- cayenne pepper (powder)
- cumin (powder)
- coriander (cilantro) leaves ( finely chopped)
- curry (karipouley) leaves (finely chopped)
- salt

Fry on medium heat. Well, that depends on your oven.
(You will forget about 'swimming-in-oil' when you taste the fritters!) :D

Voila! :)

DH made a yummy touch to the fritters, by using Taco Seasoning!  (no photo - we have eaten it all!) You can also make your own taco seasoning, lots of recipes at the net.

Taco Seasoning gravy
- 1 can peeled tomatoes / or chopped tomatoes
- onion chopped
- garlic
- curry leaves
- garam masala
- water (approx 1 cup)
- little bit oil for frying
- 1 taco seasoning

Heat oil in a pan and fry onion and garlic.
Add curry leaves.
Add tomatoes. If using whole tomatoes, crush them a little bit.
Add water - depends how thick/liquid you want the gravy. 
Stir in taco seasoning, let it simmer for a few minutes.
Add bean fritters and simmer another couple of minutes.

Don't forget to visit Sadie's blog for more yummy recipes! 


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sadie said...

Ha! Just now seeing this post :) I'm glad you liked the recipe, and your photographs are wonderful, as always! Hope all is well on your beautiful island. xoxo