May 22, 2011

The First Dutch Landing

Since I have quite some photos to share, I thought it was better to do two posts. This post is continuation of the previous post, although this is the start of the walk.
We took the express bus to Mahebourg. Most of the distance it goes on the motorway, but further South it goes through small villages and stops on every bus stop! From where we live, it takes approx 1 hour to reach Mahebourg (by bus).
We had a quick pop in at one of DH's aunts, before we started walking it up to La Vallee de Ferney; approx 7 km / 4.4 miles. DH's relatives almost fainted when they got to know we were going to walk that distance; 'oh, that's soooo far away, you'd better take the bus'!!!! But then again, Mauritians are known for not walking! (No offense to Mauritians!) :))

Lion mountain (480m / 1575 feet), a landmark at the Southeastern part of the island. It overlooks one of the oldest settlements on the island; the village Vieux Grand Port. After the visit to La Vallee de Ferney, it was too late in the afternoon to continue to this village. The mountain resembles a crouching lion, hence the name. There are trekking possibilities, which we hope to do one day.

An abandoned shop in the Riviere des Creoles village, just outside Mahebourg.

Across the road; another abandoned shop.
Do you notice the painted 'key' on the wall? It's an election symbol for the MLP-party (Currently ruling Labour party).

An 'endless' long stretch of the coastal road, just after the Riviere des Creoles village.

The other side of the road; sugarcane fields all the way up to the base of Montagne des Creoles (369m / 1211 feet)

The stone/paint on the stone, is what Mauritians call 'sugarcane field identity' - a kind of identification of the fields (each fields have one). Click to enlarge, and you will see;
F:503 - field number.
A: 40.79 - acres
H: 17.217 - hectares
M11 76,77 - variety of sugarcane created in Mauritius in 1976/77.
Nov: 01 - date planted (November 2001.

Avenue of palms,  leading to nowhere?! :))

I can't take my eyes off Lion Mountain.... that's why I almost missed the monument of the first Dutch landing - lol! Can you see it? Down there, to the left... Click on the photo to enlarge.

Impossible to miss!

What a sweet fragrance from the creepers covering part of the wall. The path leads to the monument of the first Dutch landing.

Ruins of a house.

I didn't get a photo of the entire monument. The 'platform' where it is built is not very big and there is no fencing, so I didn't take the chance falling into the sea! :0 !
The inscription reads; Hereabouts on 20th September 1598, Dutch Sailors under Wysbrand van Warwick, first landed and named this island Mauritius. This monument was erected in commemoration by the Societe de l'Histoire de l'Ile Maurice and unveiled on 20th September 1948. It was named in honour of Warwick's ruler; Prince Maurice of Nassau.

A bus loaded with school kids on excursion! They came to visit the monument - together with 3 teachers! - when we were about to leave. I hope none of them fell in the sea! :0!

View towards Vieux Grand Port, which we are going to visit/explore another day. :)

Mangroves in the sea near the Dutch monument.

  Hindu temple just after the first Dutch landing monument.
The entrance to La Vallee de Ferney is just a short distance from this temple. As I mentioned in the beginning, this post should have been published before the previous one.... Never mind... hahaha... I have covered the whole trip! :)

Another wonderful walk/hike, a distance of approx 12 km / 7.5 miles.  


karenfae said...

I always love seeing the photos from your hikes - I am amazed though that the signs are in English - I thought the language there was Dutch - is the main language spoken English? And what is the language most of your husbands family speak?

sadie said...

Astrid - Your country and your photographs are so lovely. I can't imagine living in such a beautiful place! I'm going to share your site! xoxoxo