May 9, 2011

Hike in the 'jungle' - Tamarind Falls

Ah! What is more joyful and memorable than a hike in the 'jungle' with friends?!
We were supposed to do this hike one week ago, but something came up and it had to be postponed. We were a bit worried how wet and slippery the track would be after raining cats and dogs for a couple of days, but it wasn't that bad after all.  
DH and I have been to Tamarind Falls/reservoir several times, and we figured out we hadn't done this hike since a friend's visit in 2005!

Tamarind Falls - or Sept Cascades - which it is called too, has 7 drops (hence the name; 'seven waterfalls'). The total height is 293m / 961 feet. The falls are diverted into hydro power, so rarely the falls are seen in its full power and beauty as on this photo (taken 2 years ago).

 I didn't take any photo of the falls this time, but if you hop over to Elzaan's blog, there is a photo of the falls, many other photos and lots to read! :) 
We set out around 08:30h in the morning, the best time to start a hike. Meteo predicted fair weather with local showers in the afternoon... We had such beautiful weather; sun, but not too hot.

View to the west coast; Flic en Flac.

The track leading to the base of the waterfalls.
DH and I are supposed to know the area... hm.... Embarrassed to say we missed the better entrance to the track and ended up in a 'mosquito hole'! I don't know what kind of blood suckers those mosquitoes are; not even the anti-mosquito stick worked! :( To our defense I can say we did the 'old' track earlier; through a small vegetable garden, so we were not totally lost even if that part of the 'old' track now is overgrown and a bit difficult to find.  

Approx halfway down the track is a shrine built into the mountain. I believe it must be in remembrance of a person who lost his/hers life in the ravine. Candle lights were burning when we passed.

Lush - and humid.
To the left side of the track you can see 'fatak' (Creole). 'Fatak' means 'tall grass'. Locals make brooms - 'balye fatak' of the flowers of this plant.

After a steep downhill walk, we finally reached the power station (no photo) and the river.
We had a rest and lunch at the river bank. Elzaan had made some delicious doughnuts - so yummy! Bean fritters and tea for lunch too. It felt good to fill up the belly as well as empty some of the weight in the rucksacks before starting the climb to the summit.

Rocky, Tamarind river at the base of the falls. 

Reflections in the river from the sky above.

Fairytale forest...

Came across this beauty on the river bank... no idea what it is...

 Betel climbing on a big rock.

Big termite nest.

Paper wasp nest - we saw a couple of nests in the area - here is one of them.

The hike/climb to the summit - Henrietta village - is steep, but not very strenuous. What 'killed' was the high humidity - phew!
We got on the right track this time and didn't end up in the 'mosquito nest'! We walked it straight up to where we had parked the car - and just in front is another Hindu temple.

We are not sure what kind of Hindu temple this one is; it could be either a Telegu- or Marathi Hindu temple...

Look at the blue sky! It was such a wonderful day, but we didn't see much of the blue sky and sun from the 'jungle'.
Aah, it was such a wonderful hike! Fresh air, lots of greenery, the only sounds from the river and the birds, tranquility and solitude - best of all; with wonderful friends!
Thank you friends, for yet another wonderful hike - and sight-seeing! :)
...and meteo was right; it started raining soon after we reached home!

Don't forget to check out Elzaan's blog to read more about the hike!   


Elzaan said...

Lots of fun - as always - when we get together!

karenfae said...

what a wonderful day you had and the view! wow looks wonderful - now I am off to your friends blog - I have been checking her blog out for awhile now too.