July 18, 2011

Coffee Premix

ShopriteHyper is one of the supermarkets on the island. It is in walking distance - 30 minutes - from where we live, so we often go grocery shopping there.  Its origin is South-Africa, and personally I think it is one of the better supermarkets here. There are other big ones, like Jumbo and SuperU (and others), both origins are France (if not mistaken).  The prices at Shoprite on certain items are cheaper compared to other supermarkets and they always seem to stock new items that is not available other places - as I have seen... Wednesday mornings at Shoprite  are crazy! Wednesdays - and Saturdays are vegetable market days in town, and Shoprite also sells vegetables cheaper compared to the local vegetable market on Wednesday - and people go crazy! I doubt the quality on certain vegetables though.... We prefer to buy vegetables at the local market.  If you are after a good cheese though, don't go there, the variety is zero! :)
Today we found something interesting there; 'Amazon Coffee Premix'!

If you look at the red label at the top left, you'll read 'Chartreuse'. Chartreuse is the leading tea producer in Mauritius and you can read more about it by clicking here.  
The packing looks beautiful, doesn't it? By studying the package you will read that it is just to add hot water - to the premix... And here the fun comes in! Every Mauritian know what premix is.... premixed concrete, used in constructions! :)
Well, continue to read on the package and you will also see the ingredients are; sugar, cow milk solids, instant coffee & chicory mix and maltodextrin - all with small letters at the bottom of the package.
Read on.... It is manufactured by Vending Updates in Noida, India for Chartreuse / Mauritius and they call it Amazon Instant! Interesting, isn't it?! :)

Coffee-lover as I am, I had to taste it!
Inside the package; 10 sachets of net 125g.

1) Empty content and add 100ml hot water
2) Stir well
3) Enjoy!

Did I enjoy it?
No! It was not what I expected. If you prefer sweet coffee, it is OK. I never add sugar to the coffee, but; if you are craving for something sweet and don't have anything else, it is drinkable! :)
Next time I'll try the 'tea premix'!


karenfae said...

we have a lot of these "just add water" concoctions here in the states. Most do have a lot of things added to them. I drink them usually only if there is nothing else around.

Elzaan said...

I have found that these "pre mixes" are not very tasty. They are too bland, and too sweet. I prefer my Ricoffy and of course, percolated coffee. otherwise I will go for tea, but that doesn't happen too often :)

Paula said...

Astrid, so you are the lurker I couldn't make out! Delighted to meet you. Your pics are wonderful and I will be back often! I have lived and worked in many countries. I find adjusting to the USA rather difficult.

saravana said...

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