July 24, 2011

Cranberry Cupcakes

I'm always thrilled when I discover some new, familiar items in the supermarkets. According to DH I'm childishly thrilled and I think he gets a bit embarrassed! :)

Earlier this week we went to Shoprite Hyper again, where I picked up two sachets of dried cranberries! My first thought was; cranberry cupcakes!

I had a quick look at two recipes at the net, which is very similar to each other. Not much to fuss about - lol - so here are the ingredients needed: 

Since the cranberries are dried, the amount  had to be soaked in hot water, then shopped...

...added to the mix. I don't think it is needed to show photos of how I mixed the dry ingredients, how I beat sugar & butter white and how I added it together with milk and eggs - you all know how to do that, don't you -lol?!

 Ready for the oven!
Hmmmm.... they don't look very interesting, do they?! They look sad - lol! 

The frosting is supposed to be cream cheese mixed with butter and maple syrup or honey, but who bothers to walk 30 minutes to buy one packet Philadelphia cream cheese - which is as far as I have seen - the only available kind of cream cheese! Perhaps I am mistaken, but I'm not very familiar with cheese imported from France. I know! I know! I should not compare with Norway! But there we have a big variety of cream cheeses with different flavors - sigh!
As a replacement, I used icing sugar mixed with cocoa powder and vanilla essence!
Yummy! Happy cranberry cupcakes - lol!

The cupcakes didn't raise much at all, and I do wonder why? Is it me who does a mistake somewhere or is it the flour that is not good enough? I followed the recipe and everything should be OK, but............ ???

Click here for the recipe.


Paula said...

I love cranberries. Use them more often since I am in the USA though. Often for granola bars as well s cranberry sauce. I relate to get all excited about products form 'home'. The Husband smiles and is charmed by my excitement.

sadie said...

YUMMMMMMMMMMM~! I would eat these in a heartbeat, as would my kids. Your post is very funny too - I guess Mauritius doesn't have the kind of rich dairy Norway is known for eh? I think you improvised brilliantly!

Elzaan said...

You have been cooking up a strom in your kitchen!
I also get excited when we see products from SA. It just brings you a little closer to home. But, trying something new isn't always that bad :)

karenfae said...

I looked at the recipe and I think maybe they could have had more of the baking powder? 1/2 teaspoon is not much. They look really good - I use cranberries a lot and like the juice also.