July 22, 2011

Fried Pork with milk gravy

I have got so used to the local (family) cuisine that there's not often I make Norwegian food, but sometimes the craving for something familiar takes over... None of us are big meat-eaters and since DH doesn't eat beef or pork, I seldom make any 'meat-dinner' just for me only. Well, I can always share with the dogs & cat though! They are always thrilled to get some goodies. :) Raised on a farm where we always reared pigs to be slaughtered before Christmas, pork were our main meat source.

Quite often - when grocery shopping - I have a look at the pork section to see if there's something tempting, but seldom buy anything. I couldn't resist though, when I saw these yummy pieces! Local pork meat/flesh is very tasty, but as you can see; quite fat too. It was a layer of fat in the pan after frying these four pieces. That's how it should be! :)

Fried, and it has the perfect color. I always use an iron pan for frying pork.

Together with the fried pork, goes milk gravy. Very easy to made; butter, flour, milk, nutmeg, pepper & salt - and not to forget; some spoons of pork fat - boiled together.

Pour the gravy over the pork meat and boiled potatoes, and add some spoons of pork fat, sprinkle with pepper. 




karenfae said...

I rarely eat fried pork - I don't eat much fried food though- I love potatoes though :)

Paula said...

Lady Astrid! I am with your DH - no pork for me> I am sure Mizz Zoe the resident rescue, would love an invitation though! Sorry to hear about the tragedy in your home country!