September 15, 2011

Caudan Waterfront - Port Louis

Last week we had an early morning appointment in Port Louis and since that was done before 08:30, we took the opportunity to stroll around at Caudan Waterfront. We also wanted to wait for the Madagascar Expo to open at around 10:00, which was a huge disappointment and waste of time waiting for! There isn't much activity at the Waterfront that early morning - if you call 08:30 early - I don't! There are many shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes, food court, cinema, casino, artists corner etc, which open not earlier than 10:00 or even later. As you can see of the photos, it was a gorgeous morning.


One of the many eating places; floating restaurant.

The cinema; poster for a Pakistani film; BOL. Read about the story here.

Artist's Corner; meet PEM - the wood carver.

Le Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel.
Take a look at the entry requirements!

Gorgeous bougainvilleas climbing the hotel wall.

The opposite side of the Waterfront; more shops, cafes etc.

The best time for sight-seeing in Port Louis is actually on Sundays when all shops are closed. The town is 'empty' and much easier to stroll around playing tourist! :)

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Elzaan said...

I can't understand why the waterfront opens so late. It is still a lovely place for window shopping, and sometimes you are lucky enough to find a bargain (if you look hard enough!).
Looks like a lovely day.