October 25, 2011

Harvested & Grated Coconut

Almost 35 years ago this coconut tree was planted on the plot to my in-laws. Altogether they planted some 8-10 coconut trees, but this one - now on our plot - is the only one that survived! This tree did not give any coconuts before we moved in to our new house about 5 years ago. MIL says the tree waited for me and that I made it thrive! I'm not very superstitious, but who knows?!
Look at it now, how many coconuts it has! This is only one bunch, there's another bunch on the other side. 

Hubby getting off the outer layer. The layer is quite soft (coconut fibers) when the coconut is 'ready'.
By 'ready' I mean the coconut milk has hardened into solid coconut flesh.

We had 30 'ready' coconuts!
Here the outer layer with coconut fiber are removed. 

Between the outer layer and the coconut flesh is a harder layer (shell) that has to be removed before the coconut can be grated.

Second layer removed and coconuts are broken into smaller pieces and washed.

Grating! I'm glad I can do it in the food processor! I had not been able to grate manually!

Two big trays of grated coconuts... Here's one of them.

3.2 kilos / 112 oz / - 22 grated coconuts - goes into the freezer! :)
I didn't grate the last 8 coconuts, they still have milk inside. 

Yes, I'm one of those who collect plastic containers! I don't really like to collect all sorts of things, but those feta cheese plastic containers collected over a few years became handy today! :) And it shows how much I love feta cheese! :-D

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karenfae said...

so much fresh coconut! that is nice and I bet when you lived in Norway you never thought you would be processing your own coconut one day!!