February 5, 2012

Ganga Talao / Grand Bassin - the sacred lake

A couple of weeks ago, we went with the Mokshada Nari Association to the sacred lake Ganga Talao - also known as Grand Bassin.
The lake is situated (about 550 meters / 1800 feet above sea level) 'in the middle of nowhere' in the district of Savanne, next to the entrance to Black River Gorges National Park, approx 7 km from La Marie village.
We left in sunny and hot weather and this was the weather condition at the lake; rain and fog.  

Lord Shiva welcomes you at the lake.
The bronze statue is 108 feet high / 32 meters, the second largest in the world. For another impressive statue of Shiva, click here.   

According to the legend, Shiva and his wife Parvati were flying over Mauritius, marvelling over its beauty. Shiva was carrying a vessel on his head carrying water from the sacred river Ganges in India and as soon as a few droplets fell down onto the earth, the extinct crater was transformed into a lake.

There are several temples built around the lake. Here's the main one (if not mistaken).

Water from the sacred river Ganges in India was mixed into the lake in the beginning of the 1970's and has become the most sacred place in Mauritius.

Shiv Parivar Mandir -  'Shiva's Family Temple'?

Temple of the three rivers; Yamuna, Ganga and Saraswati.
The prayer and offerings took place here.

Goddess of knowledge and arts - Saraswati
Saraswati was a big river in India, but it is said it dried up in the desert. For many Indians, the Saraswati river has been a legend, but recent research says it may not have been so after all... For more info, click here.  

Yamuna - Goddess of river Yamuna
If you didn't know; Taj Mahal is situated on the banks of Yamuna.

Ganga - Goddess of the holy river Ganges

Pandit Anil

The offerings; fruit, sweets, flowers etc.

Ganesh - the elephant God - the remover of obstacles

Lord Shiva - represents the aspect of Supreme Being - click here for more info.

Goddess Ganga in front of the lake

View towards two of the temples. You can spot the statue of Shiva to the left.

After the prayers we went for picnic at Alexandra Falls in Black River Gorges National Park. I don't have any good pics from that area; too much fog that day.

Love how the stair is made! :)

 Ganga Talao and Alexandra Falls are some of the few places you don't have to pay any entrance fee! :)
It was a nice outing... It has been too long since we went to this part of the island and we'll definitely go there again when the weather cools down a bit.... 

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Elzaan said...

Isn't it just lovely places to visit?! Wonderful photos you have taken off the temples, and as always, good research.