February 14, 2012

Tropical Cyclone 'Giovanna'

'GIOVANNA' is the 7th cyclone in the west Indian Ocean this season and the second one to affect Mauritius.
We were worried about a direct hit, but fortunate the center ('eye') passed about 250 km North of us, yesterday (Sunday 12th) at around midday.
Today - Monday 13th - 'Giovanna' is moving towards Madagascar and is expected to make landfall late night...

Satellite image from www.wunderground.com 

View through the window this morning (Monday 13th).

We all expected 'Giovanna' to pour out rain, which we badly need, but it didn't...

We had gusts up to 100km/h / 62 miles/h.
Not easy to capture the wind on photos, but if you notice the palm leaves, you'll get an idea. 

I managed to pull those heavy pots as near the baluster as possible, so they could get some of the rain. Had a look at them today; they look so happy! :)

Palm- and banana leaves waving in the wind.

How boring is it on a rainy and windy day???
Here they are waiting (im) patiently for a pancake each! :)

A couple of days before the rain set in, we had such beautiful cloud formations and sunset. It's usually like this before a cyclone hits.

I'm a bit late in posting (Tuesday 14th). The I-net connection has been very slow the last days.
We seem to be in for another cyclone in some days... there's a forming southeast of Diego Garcia, northeast of us...

Tropical cyclone tracking map by www.wunderground.com

Let's hope for more rain to fill up the reservoirs!



karenfae said...

I hope you get your much needed rain but I also hope you don't get any damage from the storms.

Regina said...

Very lovely pictures! Hope you're doing well. :)