April 17, 2012

1 mug gratuit

Are you fooled by advertising?
If you are addicted to collecting mugs, are you willing to buy one kilo full cream milk powder (that you most probably won't use) to get a mug free?

I'm not addicted to collecting mugs, but I don't say 'no thank you' to a free mug - if I like the mug and if I'm going to use what I have to buy to get that free mug.
Well, I got trapped (fooled?) by the advert on TV - LOL! Cowland is advertising one mug free - but you have to buy one kilo full cream milk powder!

We use milk powder in tea and coffee, but usually we don't buy this brand. The milk powder is imported from New Zealand and packed local. The rumors are that flour is added to milk powder packed local... If that is true, I have no clue. What I know is that there is a difference in the taste and consistence of local packed and imported (packed in other countries) milk powder. We prefer milk powder packed in other countries, we seldom buy local packed powdered milk.
Anyway; the mug looked too tempting - rather cool - so I bought one kilo Cowland milk powder - to get that mug! No problem; we'll be using the milk.

Pretty cool mug, isn't it (even if it is written in French!)? :) It's (supposed to be) a thermo (?) mug. I have yet to try it. I'm not sure how much goes in, but it is quite big. I like the green color (I didn't choose it). Looks like there are other colors too, like brown, black etc, but I'm happy with the green! :)

The powder milk doesn't taste that awful; I use it in coffee only. Powdered milk does taste awful to drink as liquid milk - that I can never do! :( For liquid milk I prefer local cow milk. Don't forget I'm an ex-farmer! :))


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes powdered milk taste awful to just drink it I think. When we travel I sometimes buy powdered milk packets to keep for cooking but I never drink it.

sadie said...

I'd buy just about anything for cool mug :)

Elzaan said...

LOL! You are worse than me!!! And I go completely crazy over mugs.
I love the colour of your mug - that is a beautiful green.
Don't burn yourself when drinking hot things from that thermal mug - it keeps things hot for a while.