April 16, 2012

Changed my mind on repainting

If you are a Gemini or you know some who are born Gemini, you may know how unpredictable they are! They rarely stick to only one decision; often it is changed several times before it is final! Not only it changes, but it can be hard to decide too! I'm no exception! :) 
When I wrote the previous post, my decision was to paint the bookcase 'light cream' (that's the name of the light paint I had chosen). Thinking of it over and over again - how our bedroom is going to look like - I changed my mind! 
I'm going to keep the bookcase Greek blue! It will be nice contrast to 'white' walls. Well, I'm not going to paint the walls 'white-white' - lol -  because pure white is a color I find difficult to deal with. It reminds me of hospital walls; sterile! No doubt white is delicate, but it's not 'me'! I have yet to decide on color/paint for the walls...

One of the two bedside tables, painted in a 'cherry' color. That was the name of the paint. The bed (no photo) is in the same color. You may say it's awful - LOL -  but actually I like this color too. You may ask why I'm then repainting? Because I want the bedroom to be light and airy, and it think it'll be painting the wall 'white'. It is also said one should not paint the bedroom red... You can read more about red here and here

Yesterday I got the bedside tables and four drawers sanded..... listening to old music cassettes. Do you remember Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Proud Mary', 'Bad moon rising', etc? I was in heaven - LOL! 
I love the idea of added drawers to the bed; lots of storing space for bedlinen etc

... one coat of Greek blue..

It looks better, doesn't it? I love it! The sides of the drawers are not painted, perhaps I'll do....  


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