April 29, 2012

Progress on repainting

I haven't done as much painting as I intended to over the last week, but there is progress! I have spent time finishing some UFO's.
The bed and bedside tables have got one coat of 'Greek blue' and are ready for the second (last) coat. I ran out of paint, so will have to shop for more one of the first days.

The 'big chair' has got one coat of 'light cream'. This chair is from my ex-farm and there we always called it 'stor-stolen', which means 'big chair'. I need to put some crack filler here and there before I do the next coat.

This table had almost seen its last days... MIL threw it out years ago and even said a few days ago to throw it on the street! - lol, but I thought it is possible to redo it. It has been on our porch for the last 5 years, nothing has been done to it.  Hubby sanded the metal parts (legs) and I added one coat of anti-rust paint and another coat of paint that is to prevent rust as well... Let's see how long it lasts... Red is not my first choice when it comes to colors, but I think this deep red - 'Basque Rouge' - is really nice. It'll match the table topper I made a couple of years back. :)
You may wonder why the bricks around part of the table?! Well, I had to glue part of the plywood (top) and the bricks are to press the layers (glue) together.

The metal parts for the swing have got its two coats and is ready to be mounted. I've used the same paint on the table and the swing, but look how different they look! The photo of the parts for the swing has the (near up to) right color - the photo of the table turned out too light.

I removed some loose paint from part of one exterior wall today too.... I wonder what the problem is; each year part of the paint falls off and I have to repaint... I wonder why it is on that specific wall only - not the other walls?! All the walls have the same undercoat as well as paint... Oh well, now I'm tired of it so I'll have to ask at the paint shop!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

do you perhaps have more sun or more shade on the wall that has paint peeling? On my house the back of the house is in total shade and I always have to wash it off once or twice a year to remove green stuff that gets on it.
The paint jobs look great!