April 24, 2012

Redoing chairs

When MIL moved floor some years ago, she didn't have space for some of her furniture. None of her kids wanted those 'old and ugly' furniture. Except me; I saw the potential. Her huge cupboard as well as dining table and chairs are now in our kitchen/dining room. Even our bedroom furniture is from her. Those furniture are worth nothing, but for me it has some sort of sentimental value - they have a history.
Originally the dining table had 12 chairs. Kids have used them as 'rocking chairs' so there are only 6 chairs left, where two of them are in a not so good shape.
I restored one of the chairs some years ago, but I'm not satisfied. It is rickety (right word?) between the back and the seat. I know I can add a wooden triangle and shrew them in place for stabilization, but the corners do not hold 90 degrees. Well, it is 90 degrees, but I'm not able to explain in English what the problem is...  I have an idea how to fix it, but it has to be confirmed! :)
This is one of the 'good' chairs...  

... and here's the worst one... It was so loose in the joints that I had to demount it to glue it again. It is sanded and old glue is removed.

It's glued and in press. Now the glue has to dry some days before I can paint the chair.

I have a love/hate relation to redoing the seat - as well as the back...
Love; because it is a challenge and the pleasure of getting all the old stuff off... and the satisfaction when the job is completed. 
Hate; because I don't have power enough in my hands to remove those tiny, rusted nails. I do what I can manage; the rest is job for hubby! :))
Look at all those darn rusty nails! :( 

The white fabric is off... I have removed some of the rusty nails, but as you can see there are many left. I don't get the right grip because my arms/hands are too weak...

Restoring chairs is a challenge for a nonprofessional carpenter, but I do the best I can! :)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I am looking forward to seeing what the chair will look like when you are done with it! I too have weak arms and hands

menopausal mama said...

That's a LOT of work, but I would love to see the finished product when it's done! I'm impressed that you have the talent to do this!