May 6, 2012

A bit more work on the table

If you have followed and read my previous posts, you know I'm redoing some furniture. I haven't done much lately, except a little progress on the table.
The underside is stopped up (?) and covered with two coats oil painting. I didn't bother much about the color; who bother to check under the table?! :) I used what I had... 

The tabletop doesn't look very nice, does it?! It has been used to all sorts of work, so no surprise it looks like it does.

Leftovers from two floors; pieces of wood (parquet).
I glue one by one piece on to the tabletop... Tedious work, but I love it! :)

...and after some time, it looks like this; 

The parquet pieces are glued to part of the tabletop. I'm quite sure the tabletop has expanded over the last year, because I know I measured, counted and put the pieces on the table to verify if there is enough! It was enough! Serious!!! 
'Of course' there weren't enough pieces this time! I'm short of about 40 pieces! SIGH! :( BIL (next door) has the same parquet on his floors, so hopefully he has some leftovers...
When all the pieces are glued to the tabletop, I'll have to sand it and then add some coats of clear varnish.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope your neighbor has the pieces you need.

Trines hobby said...

Dette blir jo riktig lekert! Håper naboen kan hjelpe deg med noen biter:)