May 20, 2012

The first hike of the season; Petrin - Mare Longue - Petrin

The heat of the summer is over for this time!
The days and nights are cooler, which means our hiking season has started. Together with our friends we did a wonderful hike in the Black River Gorges National Park yesterday. It's not our first hike in this beauty of nature and we hope to do more of the trails there.  

We started out from Petrin visitor centre (down right on the map) just after 9 o'clock in the morning. Situated on the plateau it was a bit chilly that early morning.  Mare Longue Reservoir (top right on the map) is situated in The Black River Gorges National Park. 
I'm sorry the quality of the map isn't the best, but I hope you get an idea of the hike.

Take a deep breath - as I did - enjoy our hike! :)
The beginning of the Macchabee Trail 

Cleaning the forest is done to preserve native woodland.

Stunning view to the west coast; Tamarin village to the right.

We have reached the banks of Mare Longue.
DH & I had been to the opposite side of the lake 2-3 years ago. That part of Mare Longue does not have the stunning beauty - red soil - as this side.

Are you looking for birds in the pine tree? You won't spot any - lol - just cones!

Mare Longue is not at its full capacity these days. Excess water - when overflowing - is diverted to Tamarind Falls - the seven waterfalls.
Our friend was brave - and had stamina - to walk it down and up! I'm impressed!  

A lonely fisherman at the bank of Mare Longue... tilapia - fresh water fish

Isn't it beautiful?! A wild orchid at the lake.
'I'm a flower'! :))

Breathtaking beauty!

After doing the Macchabee trail, we walked around Mare Longue and returned to Petrin. We had to cross three streams, where two of them went over the trail. The first one was too deep just to cross over without removing the shoes. Off the shoes went and it was wonderful feeling the 'cold' mountain water on the feet! The second stream I managed to walk through without removing the hiking boots, while the others had to 'jump stones' - LOL.
I'm glad I brought anti-mosquito repellent! Mosquitoes out there are monsters! :((
All together I believe we did a 10 km / 6.5 miles. The Macchabee trail is 7 km / 4.5 miles, but I'm not sure the distance around the lake... 

Thanks to our lovely friends for yet another wonderful hike!
Lots of fun and laughter - as always!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that sounds wonderful - what beauty in the area.

Anne-Kristine / Hjertesøm said...

Høres ut som en flott tur :-) Du er heldig som kan nyte dagene på denne måten.
Nå har sommeren endelig kommet hit, og det er for varmt til å finne på for mye sprell :) Vi må bare nyte det deilige været så lenge det varer.

Kjerstis løse tråder said...

Flotte bilder, Astrid:)) Tusen takk for kommentar på bloggen min:)