June 20, 2012

Visitors from India - part 1

Have you missed me?! :)
I have been so busy lately. We have had visitors from India and we got to know they were coming about one month only before they landed here. Some preparations had to be done, which made us busy the weeks before their arrival.
Since we do not have a car, we are fortunate to have SIL and BIL nearby. We wanted to give our guests the best of Mauritius and took them to different places. It is limited what one is able to see of the island in only one week though, but we covered a few places.
First stop was Ganga Talao - the sacred lake.

Macaques at Ganga Talao
I can't help adding this link - this is something I was not aware of....

Further down the road South, we stopped at 'Vallee des Couleurs', where we had a nice stroll...
View of the colored earth and to the South coast...

...view to the Black River Gorges

You will find giant tortoises in the park... 

We could have spent half the day here, it's a nice place to stroll around and view the Southern coast line.
The park has some beautiful waterfalls, here's one of them...

The Southernmost tip of Mauritius; Gris Gris.
Nearest neighbor South is Antarctica - 8530 km / 5300 miles! It takes almost 8 hours to reach there by plane... at a speed of 900 km / 560 miles/h.

Blowing quite strong at the Southern tip

We had a stop just outside the fishing village Baie du Cap.
We were a bit late for the sunset, but got the silhouette of Le Morne Brabant ,

On a very clear day, it is possible to see our neighbor island Reunion from this view point.
(sorry for the quality of the photo; it was getting dark and it is taken without tripod).

This is what we covered in one day. Next up is Ile aux Cerfs

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I wondered where you were - nice having visitors wasn't it.