July 1, 2012

Beau Bassin/Rose Hill - Balfour Garden - part 1

We had such beautiful and warm weather last Monday that we just had to get out for a walk. Where to go?! I didn't feel for any bus trip, so we decided to walk it down (it's downhill all the way!) to Balfour Garden in Beau Bassin.
Some of you who reads my blog, know that we are walkers. I thought it is time to show you what is on our way to Rose Hill.
You may also know that Mauritius is a multi-cultural society, where it is common to see churches, mosques and temples next to each other.

This is a newly built mosque just outside the town center of QB.
I love the architecture of this one... and the color green in contrast to the blue sky...

A few meters down the road you'll find a temple...

...and another temple...

This sign is  hilarious!
I didn't know Mauritian dogs and 'other animals' can READ!!! I would like to know the specification of 'other animals'! :)) 

Once upon a time; the old railway station in Rose Hill is now the Post Office

You can still see very old shops here, which Sino-Mauritians are running

...another one further down the street...

Contrast to the old shops; new shopping center built a few years ago

Catholic church Notre Dame de Lourdes, erected in 1890

A few meters apart only, but opposite the road you'll find this church; Montmarte, dating back to 1940 

Maison de Carne - The Cardinal Jean Margeot Institute - an imposing colonial house. Research of the history of the house is going on...
(The link given is in French, but if interested you can always translate...)

Opposite the church, a bus stand...

Le Plaza - Theatre/Opera-  and Municipality of Beau Bassin/Rose Hill

Next up; Beau Bassin and Balfour Garden

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menopausal mama said...

Such beautiful pictures--makes me want to go there! I like your comment about the "other" animals. Does make you wonder what they are referring to!!!