September 7, 2012

Sunday trip to Le Morne Brabant / Fishing Village

My dearest childhood friend J. left Mauritius Sunday night after spending 10 wonderful days with us. This was his third visit, but still many places he hasn't been to.
None of us like to plan in advance and the trip to Le Morne Peninsula / Le Morne Village
 was decided during breakfast that day. I think I'm getting a bit old for travelling by bus - we took a taxi to the Le Morne Public Beach junction and walked it down to the beach - an endless stretch of a road. Well, the distance is not more than about 4km/2.5 miles, but it feels endless when it is a straight line road.
The trees look like they are having autumn colors, but actually it is the seedpods which have that beautiful 'autumn' color.  
 to the beach....

I just turned around.....
I think Le Morne Public Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island...
This beach is also the longest unbroken beach here - 7 km / 4.3 miles. 
Further down is the surfers and kite surfers playground.
This place almost always gets the strong southeastern winds. Just perfect if you love surfing and kite surfing. 
Accidents happen!!! This kite ended up in a tree, just next to us.
To know more about surfing in Mauritius, click here.
It's not possible to walk along the beach all the way to the charming fishing village Le Morne, but what is better compared to a quiet path where we met no one...
Selling fish at Le Morne village
Erosion.... the coastal road is just behind this tree trunk...
Just after Le Morne village is Pointe Corail de la Prairie.
The colors in the lagoon here is just amazing... A popular picnic spot during weekends.
We wanted to walk it up to Baie du Cap, but we were tired and just thinking of the bus ride home; approximate 1.5 hours.... WHEW! :)
We reached home before dark, which seems very important to Mauritians! :)


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