December 27, 2012

Unwanted visitors

The night before Christmas Eve an unwanted visitor entered our kitchen / dining room. We are officially into the rainy- and cyclone season, which means full summer. We have not had much rain or any cyclones threatening the island so far, according to the statistics we are more exposed to cyclones the next three months, when the ocean gets warmer.
Well, summer means the days and nights are hotter, and all kind of bugs seem to find their way out - or in....  
This 'little' guy entered our kitchen the night before Christmas Eve.
According to me, it is HUGE! (The body is about 2.5 inch plus and thick as my little finger). I wish to say it is a monster, but looking more closely I must admit it is a BEAUTY! Look at the pattern and colors on the wings and body - it's art!  
In the early morning on Christmas Eve I tiptoed into the kitchen area and looked carefully where it could be.... I hate flying insects and most probably I had got a heart attack if this one had landed on me! Suddenly it came from nowhere and landed on the kitchen curtain... I opened the window with the hope it would fly out....
That is what I thought it had, because it didn't appear on Christmas Eve when we had visitors - thanks goodness!
On Christmas Day morning our cat heard a noise in the Christmas tree and had to check of course... There it was! More or less dead, poor thing. It fell on the floor and I let it stay there until it was dead. This morning I picked it up to take these photos...
I'm not sure the name of this one... anyone who knows?
A couple of months ago we had another visitor, which I believe is a 'Death's Head Hawkmoth' .... (very interesting info - don't miss it!)
Not so difficult to see the human skull on its head... Lots of superstitious fear connected to it, because of the sharp, mouse-like squeaking that intensify the effect. Just so amazing!
You can read more about the Death's Head Hawk Moth here.
Dear moths;
I do not mind you at all, but PLEASE STAY OUTSIDE MY HOUSE! :)

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