January 2, 2013

Cyclone Dumile welcomes 2013

As the subject line tells; 2013 is greeting us with nasty weather. I love it, because it's cooler! :)  
Cyclone #4 this season, named 'Dumile' is named and just off the Northeastern coast of Madagascar. Yesterday it was quasi stationary, but has now intensified to a severe tropical storm and is moving in a southwesterly direction. We thought it had taken the path through the Mozambique Channel - as they sometimes do when formed in this area - but it didn't want to do so! It's going at the Eastern side of Madagascar.
If you have a closer look at the map, Mauritius is the tiny island covered in yellow-orange clouds. To the left for us is the French Reunion Island.
Prediction for the next 5 days it will continue in the same direction and starts its U-turn on Thursday, which means we are in for bad weather over the next 3-4 days - still don't know if it will be a direct hit... Per this morning it will be a direct hit on Reunion Island - 5 days tracking prediction - but cyclones are rather unpredictable and can change direction any time... 

 Satelitte imagery from Wunderground.com
This is how it looks this morning.
The wind isn't that strong, gusts up to 80 km/h (49 miles/h) - meteo says.

Mountains to the west covered in clouds and fog

Corps du Garde covered in clouds
Not easy to take photos of moving branches, but I think you get an idea of the gusts...
A perfect day to snuggle up inside with a mug hot chocolate and just being lazy! :)

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