June 28, 2013

Snickers Cake - a cake to kill for!

My birthday was earlier this month and what is a birthday without a birthday cake?! 
 I love Snickers chocolate as well as Snickers ice cream, there was no doubt I would not love a Snickers Cake too! :) 

I made the cake the day before my birthday so that it had time to 'set'. 

... of course; Snickers cake for breakfast! 

The recipe did not disappoint me. This cake is one of the best ever I have tasted! I just love the combination of sweet chocolate and salted peanuts! I'd love to replace the whipped cream with vanilla ice cream or even chocolate ice cream. Since hubby ate all the peanuts before the cake was decorated, I had to use almonds for decoration! That works well too. :) 

The recipe is from the wonderful Norwegian blog http://villaperlesukker.no If you would like to try, you will find the recipe here
The recipe is in Norwegian, but with the possibility to translate. We all know how those translate programs are, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

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menopausal mama said...

This cake looks so yummy my mouth is watering!