June 14, 2013

Sunday trip to Port Louis

If we don't have any business to do in Port Louis, we don't go..., except on a Sundays or public holidays... 
That's our motto. 
For those of you who doesn't know; Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius. On weekdays, Port Louis is always packed with cars and people. You always have to watch every step you take and you are not able to really see anything, except people and cars! For not to talk about pollution from all the cars, and other odours.....! :( 
To really see Port Louis, you have to go on a Sunday or public holiday. The city is empty; shops are closed, only a few people and cars to be seen. Wonderful!
Last Sunday we decided to go to Port Louis.... Meteo predicted full sun on the west coast, but fortunate it was cloudy. Port Louis is situated in a 'horseshoe', mountains behind, the sea in front... It's always hot in Port Louis, no exception on this partly cloudy, lovely Sunday.

We started our 'sightseeing' at Marie Reine de la Paix (Mary, Queen of Peace) at Signal Mountain. Already 15 years since I first visited this place..... 

Stunning view over Port Louis from Marie Reine de la Paix

La Citadelle - or Fort Adelaide at Petite Montagne
It was named after Queen Adelaide and was built between 1834-1840, under the direction of William IV

We continued to St James Cathedral. The oldest Anglican church in Mauritius, inaugurated in 1850. The interior is wood with  
plaques commemorating local worthies. Before it became a church, part of the building was used to store ammunition during the French occupation - 1715-1810. 

Camp de Mars
The obelisk was blown down during a cyclone in April 1892. It was rebuilt in 1893.
A third of Port Louis was destroyed during that cyclone.  

 Pagoda next to the racecourse

inaugurated June 25, 1812.

Fruit seller at the centre of Port Louis.
On weekdays this corner is packed with people and cars.

Jummah Masjid (Mosque), built in the beginning of 1850's. 

The architecture is a mix of Indian, Creole and Islamic.

Junk food hawker at Victoria bus terminal. 

Lining up for the bus...

A lovely, quiet Sunday in Port Louis

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