August 25, 2013

Hiking from Case Noyale via Chamarel to Baie du Cap - Part 1

A week ago we did another amazing hike; Grande Case Noyal via Chamarel to Baie du Cap. A distance of approximately 15 km / 9.3 miles. 

We started out at 8 o'clock in the morning and reached the starting point; Grande Case Noyale at around 09:30 am. Yes, we went by bus! The distance is about 25 km / 15.5 miles, but you know... buses stop on every 'milk stand' and even take us 'sightseeing' through Bambous village!
It was a relief to finally get off the bus at Grande Case Noyale! :) 

The road from G. Case Noyale to Baie du Cap is tarred. It's not a 'motorway', so there's not much traffic. The climbing up to Chamarel village is steep and there's breathtaking view towards Le Morne Brabant, Ile aux Benitiers and Tourelle du Tamarin (548 m).

Le Morne Brabant

Ile aux Benitiers

Tourelle du Tamarin

The road up to Chamarel Village. The view is breathtaking.

The road was created by Benoni de la Butte in 1822.

St. Anne church (1876) - Chamarel.
Catholic pilgrims from all over the island come to join in the celebrations of the Feast of the Assumption Day - August 15.  

Wood carving

Down the road towards Baie du Cap is the entrance to Chamarel Colored Earth and 
Chamarel Waterfall. We have been there several times - the 'tourist trail' - so no point to 'waste' time & money there.
We are leaving Chamarel village and heading towards Baie du Cap.

To be continued... part 2.

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