September 10, 2015

Hiking from Henrietta to Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin) via Mare Longue - Part 1

Our hiking season started after a very wet 'summer'. We have done a few wonderful hikes this season on the same old trails, without my camera.
At the end of July we decided on another long hike and for some reason I brought my camera. I didn't regret; at Henrietta we were able to watch the beginning of 'Aadi Cavadee' - a Tamil Festival.

Musicians heating up their 'ravanne' before playing. An original 'ravanne' is made of goat skin.

Musician and his 'ravanne'

Milk is one of the offerings, here poured into a 'kalasha' or 'lota'

We spent a few minutes here to watch the beginning of the aadi cavadee, before we continued to Tamarin reservoir and started the climb up to Mare Longue

I never get tired of this view!
Tamarin reservoir, Trois Mamelles, Mont du Rempart and Corps de Garde

Can you hear the silence?! :)

Mare Longue

BRRRR! We've been to Mare Longue several times, and this was the first time we had this weather; rain! 

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Elzaan said...

Seems like a lovely hike! And what a spectacular start to the hike than to witness a beautiful festival like that.