December 14, 2016

Hiking from Ganga Talao to Baie du Cap (Bel Ombre Trail) - Part 2

...continues from part 1...

We had a short stop at Petrin / Visitor Centre
At this point we had not yet decided to do the Bel Ombre trail and wanted to confirm from the Visitor Centre IF permission from Bel Ombre Sugar Estate is required. The last part of the trail goes through their property (sugarcane fields). We were informed no permission is required, but there is one gate that has to be opened and closed.

While hubby inquired about the permission, I took a stroll behind the Visitor Centre to have a closer look at the endangered Pink Pigeon 

Beautiful, isn't it?!

Some meters after Petrin Visitor Centre is the trail sign to 'Les Mares Roundabout'

It was here we decided to skip the 'usual' Mare Longue hike for the more adventurous new (to us) trail. 

This trail does not have any signs. There are a couple of left forks on the way, that we believe ends up near Alexandra Falls/main road. We met 3 guys who told us the trail ends up at the main road, but didn't tell us where on the main road.

We kept to the right and after 1 hour's walk, we reached the top of a waterfall. No idea which waterfall this is...?

After walking on this trail for some time, we were sure it ends up at the main road near Plaine Champagne Police Post and landmark; the masts.

The trail narrowed, and we continued...

Lush vegetation, but dry....


Crossing an almost dry river

After about 2 hours hike (from Petrin) in the wilderness, we ended up at the main road near Plaine Champagne Police Post 

Cocotte mountain (771 metres / 2529.5 feet) in the distance.
We are close to Plaine Champagne Police Post 

....continues part 3....


Stephanie Hateley said...

Great hike, you are so skinny Astrid! I'd love to be able to walk like that, you'd love the walks you can do here.

Elzaan said...

You saw a Pink Pigeon???!!! Lucky you! We normally get to see the blue ones.
Lovely view from the waterfall. Looks like the trail held a lot of surprises for you.