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Hello and welcome to 
Red Needle's Tropical Passions.

I'm Astrid from Norway, residing in the tropical island Mauritius since 2003. I'm married to a Mauritian, whose ancestors came from India. 
I'm happily child-free, but 'mommy' to one cat and two dogs - spoilt rotten - all rescue animals.
You may already have seen my quilting blog - so you know my #1 passion is the love of quilting, but there are other passions too:
Gardening - I love our garden. I love gardening and I must confess I have a tendency to torture myself overdoing gardening. I'm one of those who is not able to remove five weeds and then take a rest... :) 
Walking/hiking - is another passion we both share. We are not afraid of setting out for a 10-15km walk, preferably in the Black River Gorges National Park. Love to discover the island.
Baking & cooking - I love trying out new recipes. I just wish I had time to do it more often.
Interior/architecture - I have a soft spot for old wooden houses.
Books - reading has always been a passion, ever since my late mom read fairy tails for me...
Photographing - I love to take photos.

What makes me happy - coffee, Cadbury wholenut, chocolate cakes, sunsets, the sound of the ocean smashing into rocks, our pets, candlelights, forests, mountains, a good film, music, letter from a (pen) friend - and lots more...
Please do not copy any photos or words without my permission.

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