May 25, 2014

Hiking from Ganga Talao - Black River Gorges to Riviere Noir - Part 2

...continues from Part 1

Now the 'fun' starts; the descending down to the Black river...

Yep! We are going to 'disappear' into that black hole!

It doesn't look very steep here, but it is... Well, this is not the worst part though.. 
For safety reason I put my camera in my rucksack....  Fortunate the track was dry and fairly 'easy' to walk. Lots of small (not safe) branches have been removed and it was easier to hold on to thicker branches. At one place I almost panicked because there was just a loose tree trunk to hold, but I did manage! A bit shaky afterwards, but well worth it - haha! I felt like a monkey! :)
If you want to see how this track was a few years ago, don't miss this blog post, especially part 2!  

Finally out of the 'danger zone', a bit further down. Wonder how many meters down the tree tops are? 

Gorgeous view!

Closer to the Black River.... 

Finally reached the flat part; crossing Black River. Wonderful to dip the toes in the cool river water! 

The Black River...

Continuing to the visitor center...

Not sure what tree this is... interesting roots.

Another 'shoes off' river to cross.

We've done the Macchabee - Petrin trail.

Lovely lush nature on the road out of the Gorges

Another 5 km / 3.1 miles and we have reached the civilization!  :)

A wonderful hike in gorgeous weather! 

Hiking from Ganga Talao - Black River Gorges to Riviere Noir - Part 1

Our hiking-season has started - finally! 
The weather is just perfect these days. Last Sunday meteo predicted full sun / clear sky all over the island, which is rare. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for a 19 km / 12 miles hike in the Black River Gorges National Park. 
Since we don't have a car, it takes some time to reach our starting point, but that does not prevent us from doing what we like the most! We were out on the street at 06:15 in the morning to catch the bus to Curepipe and further to Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin). 

Pristine morning at Ganga Talao

The statue of Lord Shiva - 33 m / 108 feet.

The 2.4 km / 1.5 miles straight road from Grand Bassin up to Petrin - the entrance to the Gorges - is endless! Well, it feels like that!

The rucksack was packed with lunch and tea, but one thing that is difficult to resist is the local 'junk' or 'street food'

I bought one deep-fried slice of aubergine (gato brinzel) and one chana puri (di pain frire) OMG!!!! If your BP is high, never buy the chana puri here! It was over-salted and too much baking powder! JEEZ! :( 

Finally in the Gorges! A massive clean-up have been done at each side of the track. It looks airy and nice! 
Great job guys!

Usually I don't add photos of myself, but WTH?! :) Here at the first glimpse of the gorges / viewpoint.

We did the Mare Longue Loop about one month ago and now we continued to the Maccabhee viewpoint.

Lush. Pristine. We were lucky to spot a few of the endangered Mauritius Echo Parakeets, but was not able to get a good photo... 

OMG! This is how the kiosk looks like now! Sad! 

Splendid view to Tamarin (west coast) from the kiosk.

... continues part 2

April 12, 2014

Nature on its best - half arc intense rainbow

Yesterday morning we admired an amazing rainbow.
I believe I had managed to get the half arc visible if I had had the wide angle objective in reach, but I was so in a hurry to capture this beauty so no time for anything else! :)
It's the first time I captured such an intense rainbow. Amazingly beautiful!  

Photos cropped, not manipulated.
More about rainbows here