July 7, 2011

Hiking from Ferney to Devil's Point - Part 1

If you read this post awhile ago, you know we wanted to continue hiking northeastwards from Ferney, and that is what we did Monday. After one hour in a jam packed and hot bus we finally reached Mahebourg. It was the last day of a trade fair there, so I believe 'everybody' didn't want to miss it! We had a quick look, but it was like a sauna in the huge plastic tent and nothing interesting, so we decided to leave. We jumped into another sauna; the bus to Flacq heated up in the sun at the bus station - phew! Glad I had just bought a bottle of icecold water!
 I took so many photos that I'll do the hike in two posts. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Very old trees along the road from Ferney to Vieux Grand Port.

Finally at Ferney we started walking and our first stop is Vieux Grand Port - where the history of Mauritius began. Well, not exactly; the Arabs new about it in 10C and referred to it as 'Dinarobin' - Silver Island. Pedro Mascarenhas - a Portuguese navigator - discovered the island in the 15th century and called it 'Ilha do Cirne' - Swan Island. In time, the island became increasingly used by trading ships as a port of call, and pirates continued to use it as a place of refuge.
The Dutch admiral Van Warwyck landed here in 1598 and named the island 'Mauritius' in honour of Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange.

Vieux Grand Port - this is the place of the first settlements. The Dutch built a fort here, known as 'Fort Frederik Hendrik'.

Some photos from the fortress;

View to the bay and Mahebourg.

Info and ruins of the old church, built in 1737.

Two walls are the only remains left of the church.

The church wall next to the main road through Vieux Grand Port.
Strong glare from the sun didn't make it the ideal photo.

Today's church - built in 1959 - if not mistaken.

 The Dutch Tower - listed as a National Monument.

A flower-lover!
The verandah is full of pots and plants! :)

The sugarcane harvest for the season has started. A lorry loaded with sugarcanes on its way to the sugarcane factory. (The pic is out of focus. I was in a hurry to take the photo and the driver was in a hurry too - lol!)

A pirogue (fishing boat) with fishermen came ashore at 'Pavillon du Grand Port' while we had a short rest. Here is the owner of the boat - most probably - cleaning the boat.

After a short break and something to eat we headed further along the coast.
Don't miss my next post! :)

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karenfae said...

I love seeing photos and history of the island - it is always interesting to read of other places and places that I am certain I will never get a chance to see.