July 3, 2012

Beau Bassin / Rose Hill - Balfour Garden (part 2)

As the headline refers to, this is part 2 of my previous post, our walk to Balfour Garden.
Since we forgot to buy take-away food from Rose Hill, we felt rather hungry. We knew there is a KFC, Debonairs Pizza as well as SPAR supermarked down the road so we just continued walking. We reached KFC, but it was closed due to renovation, then we decided we didn't want to wait at Debonairs so we ended up buying freshly roasted chicken at SPAR - yummy!
We had a rest at the little park where the Beau Bassin Post Office is located. Once upon a time this building was the railway station...

 On the opposite side of the Royal Road (to Port Louis), is the church of Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart), built 1880(?)

Detail of one of the church windows

Behind the church - on the way to Balfour Garden - you'll find this beautiful, old house

Further up the road - yes, now it is slightly uphill - we found this very old shop, made of stones. This is important history of the island, but I'm quite sure it soon will be pulled down... sadly!

After strolling this very beautiful area, we finally reached the garden

As expected, the park was almost empty. It is a hidden treasure so I believe not many tourists come here. (at least one place on the island one is free from tourists!)

Soreze waterfalls into Plaine Wilhem's Gorge.
At the opposite side of the gorge is Ebene Cyber City

View towards Montagne Ory - part of the Moka Range

On our way back home... This is the old railway track - between Rose Hill and Beau Bassin.
We started out in such beautiful, sunny weather. It got cloudy in the early afternoon and just after hitting home, it started raining.

A wonderful day out!
Estimated distance walked; 12-15 km/8-9 miles.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL - had no idea you had KFC all the way over there!

sadie said...

Beautiful tour of your island, Astrid. I agree with Karen - I'm surprised you have a KFC! Gorgeous photographs as well, my friend!