May 18, 2013

Buns with custard and raisins

Can you imagine anything more delicious than freshly baked buns?! Buns are usually made using flour, sugar, butter, milk, yeast, cardamom, sultanas or currants. I love cinnamon too and often I throw a little bit into the dough.
Confession; I have never been good at making breads or cakes using yeast... I believe it also has to do with the recipe itself; if the recipe is good - the way of making it never fails.
This recipe is one of those that I'm quite sure never fails.

I was craving for something raisins and the choice fell on these yummy raisin and custard buns.

A bit disappointed about the custard filling... Next time I'm making these I will definitely make it different by using more egg yolks.
These buns are perfect for a Sunday morning breakfast! :)  
 The recipe is from the yummy blog Heaven on a Spoon, click here for the recipe.

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