August 28, 2013

Hiking from Case Noyale via Chamarel to Baie du Cap - Part 2

...continues from previous post... 

We had lunch near the entrance to 'Colored Earth'. We sat there for about half an hour, watched sugarcane workers come and go.

At Cachette there's a chimney from an old sugarcane factory.

There was no fencing when we walked here last (some years ago). Now it looks like all is 'private property'.

Riviere Canal .... didn't know you can go fishing here... :) 

One of the mountain tops may be (has to be confirmed) Piton du Fouge (596 m / 1955 feet).  

Love the scenery!

Sugarcanes are burnt before cutting.
It smells heavenly burnt molasses! :) 

Sugarcane ready to be picked up by a lorry and taken to the sugar factory.
More about the sugarcane industry in Mauritius here.

Sugarcane harvest.
Stunning view to the South.

Baie du Cap just around the corner

After 5 hours and about 15 km; the sea! We have reached Baie du Cap

Erosion is a big problem along the coast.

Baie du Cap beach, one of the few untouched places on the island where there are no 'tourist machines'! Let's hope this tiny part of the island will stay like this forever!

Baie du Cap bus terminal! :) 

A wonderful hike at such a beautiful day; sun from clear sky and perfect temperature. 
The bus ride back home takes about 1 1/2 hours. It's rather boring, but the scenery along the coast is well worth it. 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

a lovely hike! thanks for sharing, love seeing all the photos.