October 29, 2013

What's hidden on the other side of Corps de Garde - Part 2

Continues from previous post 

We came to a junction and had to ask a guy for the direction; 'just follow the electric poles', was the answer! :) 
So we did and after a few meters .... WOW! Amazing view to La Ferme Reservoir! (152 meters above sea level).

Lunch and a rest at the river

Lack of rain this 'winter'; the reservoirs are drying up. At the end of September 2013 La Ferme was at 41.1%.... and we haven't had rain since then..... Read more here. ... and LARGE RAIN - LOL -  is expected from tonight...., but how many times have meteo missed?!?! 

A worker and the kid returning home from the onion fields. 
We weren't sure of the direction so we were told to 'follow us'! :) 

Another group of women joined in and we had to follow... For security reason; they told us the area is not safe to walk alone! One should always listen to the locals! 
Love this allee with the old trees and to the left is an old irrigation system most probably for the fields... Not in use anymore, it seems... History... what can those few meters tell... ? Wish the trees could tell the story....  

We usually walk fast, but OMG!.... these women walked even faster! Phew! :) 

Dry! Dry! Dry! View towards Bambous village. If not mistaken; Tamarin mountain (Tourelle du Tamarin - 548 m)

St. Pierre Mountain - 446 meters above sea level

An old tree at a church in Bambous. 

I must confess I felt rather exhausted after the last 3-4 km (walking with those women)! It was hot, about +31-32C. I don't take the heat very well and a rest was wonderful! We continued walking up the Beaux Songes but from there we had to surrender and take the bus the last 8-9 km. After a hike of about 12-13 km it was wonderful  (for once!) to take the bus back home! :) 
This is how we celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary! :) 

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