October 26, 2013

What's hidden on the other side of Corps de Garde - Part 1

We have been lazy! By saying that I don't mean we have not done anything. I've been busy with lots of sewing and other tasks as well as we have a guy (occasionally! - seems to take forever!) to paint part of our house. What I actually mean by 'been lazy' is that we have not done any hike since my previous post. We walk for grocery shopping, that's all.

I have always wanted to walk it down to La Ferme Reservoir, which is not far from where we live. It's just on the other side of Corps de Garde mountain.

We took the 'Canal' - a path that leads to the mountain - almost.......

 One vegetable grower  has fenced his fields and blocked the path, so we had to continue alongside the fence to get to the other side. ... where we met another vegetable grower who could tell the path stops there so we'll have to continue to the 'old' road.

Perhaps not easy to see, but the white dots to the right (click on the pic) is the start to enter the summit of Corps de Garde. One day! One day! We will climb it up (at least try!) :) 

Vegetable fields at La Chaumiere, La Ferme Reservoir and La Ferme village in the distance, the west coast.
Lack of rain this 'winter'.... as you can see of the reservoir, drying up.

Sandiourou Mariamen Kovil temple

Onions drying in the sun. Local onions are hotter compared to imported onions, I always 'cry' when I chop them! :)

Workers at La Chaumiere cleaning and packing onions for the vegetable markets.
Ah! The smell of fresh onion! Wonderful!  

To be continued.... Part 2


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