December 19, 2013

Repainting furniture

It has been too long since my previous blog post... That doesn't mean I have done nothing... I've been busy as always.
I felt pooped after all the sewing for the Craft Show in Norway; I didn't feel for sewing at all so to 're-set' myself I had to do something totally different; painting. 
If you have read my earlier posts, you may recall I did some repainting last year... I had to look back myself, and GOSH I can't believe that was April last year! You can read more about that here

I love how ideas evolve over time... I think that is the creative side in me; to totally change a room just by using different colors. When our house was built 7-8 years ago, I was fixed on terracotta colored tiles on the kitchen floor. Since no one in the family wanted MIL's old dirty kitchen cupboard, I saw the potential; it can be cleaned and repainted and that is what I did.... here in a terracotta like color... 

MIL's old kitchen cupboard! 

I have always loved blue & white... the ironic is we don't have any blue & white room in our house - why?! I don't know... perhaps it was not meant to be when we built... 
Back in October this year I spent some days at a dear friend's place, where I one morning was flipping through some quilting magazines. What caught my eye was an article about a lady and her blue & white house. Gorgeous blue & white quilts displayed on white walls - stunning! 
The idea of a blue & white kitchen has been there for quite some time, but that article triggered my creative genes even more; I've decided to turn the kitchen- and dining room into a blue & white room! This is a process that will take time... at this time of the year it is too hot & humid for painting (my opinion).

To make the glossy oil paint stick better to the surface, I used one layer of undercoat and then two layers oil paint. Quality tools are the most important; I used a small paint roller and paint brush made especially for oil paint, for best result.  

I brought the bureau from my home in Norway... It has belonged to my grandparents.... 
After several removals it had some scratches here and there, so I repainted it using the same color as for the cupboard; 'creamy vanilla'., a lovely warm, 'white' color...

Last year I repainted the 'big chair'. It belonged to my parents and I remember when I was a kid the chair was yellow. Mum hated that color and painted it light blue and later rustic blue. It remained this color for many years. 
After several removals the 'big chair' didn't look very nice. I decided to repaint it and here it is. Now it has the same 'white' color; 'creamy vanilla'. 

I'm taking a break from painting...Not sure what the next project will be.... That won't be until the Mauritian 'winter'. 

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InGa said...

Så flott som ditt skap og kommode ble. Litt av en jobb, jeg vet.
Og stolen ble som ny, vil jeg tro.
Det er utrolig hva maling kan gjöre.