May 25, 2014

Hiking from Ganga Talao - Black River Gorges to Riviere Noir - Part 1

Our hiking-season has started - finally! 
The weather is just perfect these days. Last Sunday meteo predicted full sun / clear sky all over the island, which is rare. We took advantage of the gorgeous weather and went for a 19 km / 12 miles hike in the Black River Gorges National Park. 
Since we don't have a car, it takes some time to reach our starting point, but that does not prevent us from doing what we like the most! We were out on the street at 06:15 in the morning to catch the bus to Curepipe and further to Ganga Talao (Grand Bassin). 

Pristine morning at Ganga Talao

The statue of Lord Shiva - 33 m / 108 feet.

The 2.4 km / 1.5 miles straight road from Grand Bassin up to Petrin - the entrance to the Gorges - is endless! Well, it feels like that!

The rucksack was packed with lunch and tea, but one thing that is difficult to resist is the local 'junk' or 'street food'

I bought one deep-fried slice of aubergine (gato brinzel) and one chana puri (di pain frire) OMG!!!! If your BP is high, never buy the chana puri here! It was over-salted and too much baking powder! JEEZ! :( 

Finally in the Gorges! A massive clean-up have been done at each side of the track. It looks airy and nice! 
Great job guys!

Usually I don't add photos of myself, but WTH?! :) Here at the first glimpse of the gorges / viewpoint.

We did the Mare Longue Loop about one month ago and now we continued to the Maccabhee viewpoint.

Lush. Pristine. We were lucky to spot a few of the endangered Mauritius Echo Parakeets, but was not able to get a good photo... 

OMG! This is how the kiosk looks like now! Sad! 

Splendid view to Tamarin (west coast) from the kiosk.

... continues part 2

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Gail S. said...

Fabulous photos and beautiful countryside! Thanks for sharing.