May 25, 2014

Hiking from Ganga Talao - Black River Gorges to Riviere Noir - Part 2

...continues from Part 1

Now the 'fun' starts; the descending down to the Black river...

Yep! We are going to 'disappear' into that black hole!

It doesn't look very steep here, but it is... Well, this is not the worst part though.. 
For safety reason I put my camera in my rucksack....  Fortunate the track was dry and fairly 'easy' to walk. Lots of small (not safe) branches have been removed and it was easier to hold on to thicker branches. At one place I almost panicked because there was just a loose tree trunk to hold, but I did manage! A bit shaky afterwards, but well worth it - haha! I felt like a monkey! :)
If you want to see how this track was a few years ago, don't miss this blog post, especially part 2!  

Finally out of the 'danger zone', a bit further down. Wonder how many meters down the tree tops are? 

Gorgeous view!

Closer to the Black River.... 

Finally reached the flat part; crossing Black River. Wonderful to dip the toes in the cool river water! 

The Black River...

Continuing to the visitor center...

Not sure what tree this is... interesting roots.

Another 'shoes off' river to cross.

We've done the Macchabee - Petrin trail.

Lovely lush nature on the road out of the Gorges

Another 5 km / 3.1 miles and we have reached the civilization!  :)

A wonderful hike in gorgeous weather! 


Paula Walsh said...

Looks fabulous Astrid :)

Elzaan said...

You were very brave to do the steps again.
The trail is beautifully green.